Saturday, July 20, 2013

Idaho - How we Got Here and What We're Up To

So... here we are in Idaho. I thought I should post some pictures of our move and what we've been up to since we got here.

We moved to McCammon, ID in May when CD started work at his new job in Pocatello. He works graves and this was a huge adjustment. (Still is!) Despite the fact that I slept without CD for 25 years, now that I'm used to him being there, I don't sleep much while he's at work. Another adjustment: living in a town with a population of 805! I've never lived in such a small town, but other than having to go to "town" (Pocatello) for certain stuff, it's been kind of fun. People seem pretty friendly and I'm starting to get assimilated.

We only brought necessities when we first got here and spent May and June making numerous trips to Utah to move all of our stuff and clean our apartment. It's been a whirlwind and we're relieved that we're all out and done with the old apartment. We even got our whole deposit back! Woo hoo! HUGE thanks to my awesome family who spent a ton of time moving and cleaning our Utah apartment! I only got a picture of the moving crew (and not even all of them- Jay and CD joined the next trips' movers) but my mom and sisters helped me SO much by cleaning too.

HUGE thanks also to CD's family and friends who helped us unload in Idaho and who are continuing to help us get our new place finished. And I'm SO grateful to my mom and dad for hauling the trailer up to Idaho twice to move us. We stopped at produce stands along the fruit highway and at the Brigham City LDS Temple to make the trips more fun, but I'm sure it was still a big sacrifice for them! 

My dad, CD's dad, Jake and CD fixing the trailer

Jake and Carson were a big help! :)

Okay, maybe Jake helped a bit more than Carson, but Carson's sure a cutie!

Mom insisted on taking a "Moving Day" picture of us- so here we are sporting our moving day clothes in front of our new place.

The whole moving process was so stressful for me and I'm SO grateful for all of the help and for my patient husband :)

One of the things that I love about Idaho is that its SO BEAUTIFUL! I just love all of the open space, hillsides and mountains. CD's family always takes these drives to different areas close to our home and I love seeing all of the mountains and wildlife. We even saw a tiny baby deer with its mom a few weeks ago! It's been really fun exploring Idaho. We also go up to the mountains and have campfires and fish. We've actually had a lot of campfires since we moved, both in the mountains and in our yard. You'd think I'd get sick of fire-roasted hot dogs and s'mores but I don't! :)

We spent a day on our family friend Wolfe's boat and CD caught these beauties! I didn't get a picture before they cut off the heads, but they're pretty good-sized! I enjoyed relaxing on the boat with the sunshine and breeze and Kayla and I sat at the front of the boat and got splashed when the waves picked up. It was a really fun day.

Because we're completing an addition to CD's parent's house, all of CD's extra time is spent working on it. We finished the bedroom, so that's exciting... we painted it gray and I love it!

Next up is the kitchen and we bought red paint for the kitchen and it's almost ready for that step! CD's dad and friends have been AWESOME helping us get it done, but it's a long process! Can't wait to get it done and be able to unpack all of our stuff.

Other than the above, I've been trying to find things to entertain myself as an insomniac in a small town, so I've been organizing a recipe spreadsheet, working on my karaoke lists, and learning/relearning to crochet. It's always a good thing when a room in the addition gets to paintable state because then I can help with the addition (I don't really know how to do anything but paint). 

So overall, life in Idaho is good! I'm looking forward to our plans for the rest of the summer now. :)


  1. It was fun helping you move to Idaho. I agree that it is beautiful there and the trip isn't that long from Salt Lake. It's such a nice trip because of the scenery. The fresh cherries and apricots were wonderful too! Can't wait to see the apartment when it is finished. So much hard work.

  2. It is truly a LOT of hard work! I should be taking more pictures as things move along, but I guess I'll just take lots when its DONE! :)